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Long Service Life Of T8 LED Lamp Tube
Sep 29, 2017

T8 LED lamp is actually an indoor LED lighting should be a major product, it is a straight tube-shaped, and ordinary fluorescent tubes similar, but it is the back of the use of aluminum alloy radiator, the front of the PC cover instead of glass cover, t8led lamp is low voltage DC power supply, T8 LED Tube not directly connected to the mains, so it needs to bring a power supply, With a step-down rectifier. Then the mains can be connected. T8led Lamp adopts the newest fourth generation light source, energy saving and environmental protection, is the future development direction of illumination.

T8 LED lamp is widely used in public areas, schools, factories, hospitals, departments, T8 LED Tube public transport advertising, subway stations.


1. Super Energy-saving: (Save 90% electricity, $number LED lights open, ordinary meters do not turn!) )

2. Super Long Life: (9-10 times of ordinary incandescent lamp, halogen light)

3. Ultra low fever (the surface temperature of the lamp cup is about 60 degrees, the ordinary lamp is very hot, and when the light is lit, touch will burn a piece of skin!) The store changes the LED lamp, the summer air conditioner's effect will be very good OH)

4. Beautiful and Generous: (LED appearance novel, installed in the home, shop, not open the lamp is also an ornament)

5. Super Environmental protection: no radiation, no stroboscopic (low voltage constant current drive power supply, lighting brightness always unchanged, there will be no flicker, T8 LED Tube no ultraviolet rays, no electromagnetic waves)

Performance and Characteristics:

1, T8 LED lamp light source using Taiwan super bright chip with low attenuation technology package, make the LED straw hat white light up to 1000 hours 0 attenuation, single led to 6.5LM, the color index reached 85%.

2, with constant current drive, take over pressure protection, T8 LED Tube through good heat treatment, so that product performance is more stable, service life in 50,000-80,000 hours.

3, the power supply voltage is: ac85v-260v, make the world universal, use more convenient.

4, T8 led tube energy saving up to 70%, life expectancy of more than 10 times times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free. No need to start the device and ballast, fast, no stroboscopic, T8 LED Tube not easy to see fatigue, 6000K cold light source to the visually cool feeling.

Scope of application:

It is not only super energy-saving more environmentally friendly products., T8 LED Tube is the national green energy-saving lighting engineering focus on the development of one of the products, is currently replacing the traditional fluorescent lamp main trend of development products, the market prospects. 

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